Residential Earthquake Retrofits in BC by Shear Seismic Retrofits
Become confident that your home will survive an earthquake intact
There are two types of earthquake damage one ought to be concerned about: Structural damage which could jeopardize any building's ability to remain upright on its foundation; and Non-structural damage that can force evacuation even if the structure is still intact. Fallen chimneys, broken windows and fire hazards such as torn wiring and gas lines, and damaged water heaters for example. We're here to help you avoid such hazards.
Bracing and Anchoring

Had the lower walls of this home been braced, it would have stayed upright and habitable. Had the one up top been secured, it wouldn't have slid two feet from its foundation. Learn more

Garage Strengthening

With only three full walls, garages are vulnerable. With a storey above, the risk to life safety and of catastrophic damage is greater. Does your garage need a seismic retrofit? Learn more

Tuck Under Parking

We engineer and install steel reinforcement for parking stalls that support multiple stories. Without these strong columns or frames, the structure is at risk of giving way.

Foundation Work

Major cracks and deterioration aside, concrete foundations rarely need retrofitting. Masonry and rubble foundations are not so reliable. We offer alternatives to replacement.

The three best times to get structural seismic upgrades done are 1) before basement stud walls are drywalled, 2) when the basement is going to be renovated, and 3) before an earthquake strikes.

Safety & Security Films

It's not just for earthquakes. The film that prevents flying shards and exposure to the elements offers immediate benefits: solar protection, enhanced security, more privacy if you choose.

QuakeTrip - Power Off

The #1 cause of fire following earthquakes is the arcing of damaged electrical systems. QuakeTrip senses the initial seismic waves and shuts the breaker down before the quake.

Auto Gas Shut-Off Valve

Have our plumber install an automatic gas shut-off valve at your gas meter. Then, if your gas line snaps it won't catch fire and potentially spread to neighbouring houses as well.

QuakeSecure Your Space

Reliable securing of home and business furnishings, appliances, electronics, computers, pictures, collectibles - anything that could cause injury during a quake.

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