Residential Earthquake Retrofits in BC by Shear Seismic Retrofits

Customer’s Say

I contacted Marney after reading The New Yorker’s “How to Stay Safe When the Big One Comes” article. ( ) Our house was built in 1912, and so is particularly vulnerable. Marney and her team have given us, above all, peace of mind. PS She’s also a really fun, positive person!

Marianne Unger,  Camosun St, Victoria

We had been interested quite a long while about the idea of seismic retrofitting do to the concerns about possible quakes in our area of Nanaimo.  We saw an article in the Victoria newspaper about Shear Seismic and their work in that location. We got into contact and set up a consultation with Marney Mutch  She was more than willing to come to Nanaimo at our convenience to discuss all possibilities and estimates.  She explained the process well to us with photos of past work .confirming our concerns.  Within 3 weeks work began.  She and her crew worked hard for 4 long days completing the job for us.  Communication was always open and clear, showing us always as to what and why things were done.  When it was fully completed in this timely manner Marney took us through the entire project with full explanations answering all our questions ensuring that we were well satisfied with the work completed. Which we were and are.  We now feel confident that our home is up to the standard that we felt necessary.  Thank you Shear Seismic !


You did a simply fantastic job of the photographed report of your retrofit! We are very happy to have it as a record for whenever we may sell the house, and to hopefully get a break on our insurance when they start to offer discounts. Thanks sooo much again! You are good at this.

Bill and Johanna Martin, Overlook Dr, Nanaimo B.C.

Our heritage home is of a typical design for a two storey at the turn of the century. Unfortunately though, the design makes it susceptible to damage from an earthquake. Marney and her team of

experts with first hand experience were able to come up with a reinforcing design specifically suited

to our home. The extent of the work was far more detailed that typically seen in comparable retrofits. This included not just anchoring to the foundation but bracing within the stud wall and joists above, as well as solid foam insulation and a heavy layer of plywood over the entire surface. The work itself was completed very promptly and within budget with no extras. We would certainly recommend Shear Seismic to anyone and welcome onsite inspections if desired.

Rick and Brenda Higham, Government St, Victoria

I’ve enjoyed meeting you too. You do nice work. Thanks Marney for a job well done.

Doug Koch, Langham Crt, Victoria

In the spring of 2014, we decided to retrofit our 1981 house because of the risk tthat a major earthquake could occur in our area. We called upon Shear Seismic to do the job due to their association with California experts.

Marney Mutch and her team were effective in the retrofit despite the usual setbacks and problems that occur in any renovation. Brian, the carpenter, was on time and tidied up after each day’s work. They were flexible in their approach to the work, even though it meant an extension of the time expected.

The technical aspects of the work remain to be tested of course (although we hope it never comes to that) but we are now more confident in our house’s resilience.

Barbara Boer
Woodley Rd, Victoria


The trouble with Shear Seismic’s retrofit on our house is that it’s invisible! Marney Mutch did such a good job, that nobody can see the complex web of steel, studs, heavy ply and bolts that her team installed.

Ours was a particularly tough installation as it involved a guest suite in a completely finished basement, which we wanted back like new. This meant extra stumbling-blocks in terms of finishing, not to mention by-laws and building inspectors. But Marney kept calm and stick-handled it through all the challenges.

We’d be happy to have her do it on our next house!

Nick & Sharon Russell
Toronto St, Victoria