Residential Earthquake Retrofits in BC by Shear Seismic Retrofits


Earthquake Safety & Damage Prevention Consultation

Peace of Mind. That’s what  QuakeConsult is about.

In order to achieve seismic peace of mind, you first need the best information available to educate yourself  about the options available to protect your family, tenants and home. Then you can confidently choose your preferred course of action.

Expert safety and loss prevention advice

We’ll help you address a variety of safety and loss prevention concerns. For each recommendation we provide, we will make you aware of the various options available to implement them. Some you could take on yourself, if you choose, while others are best undertaken by skilled professionals. We’ll let you know which are which.

Your house is not the same as the one next door 

No two houses have exactly the same support structure. They are all unique in some or many ways.  The configuration of every room is also individual, especially in terms of the type and layout of furnishings. Utility shut-offs can be in a variety of places. You will find good general information online, however it’s a big benefit to know the particulars of your own home.

Our service is unique

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only residential, structural and non-structural, earthquake preparedness consultant and contractor in the B.C. quake zone. There’s a lot more to protecting your lives and biggest financial investment than earthquake kits and bolts.

What your QuakeConsult will cover:

Structural protection:

  • Thorough inspection of your house’s structure, as can be seen. Structural drawings are most helpful if you have them or can access them from the Building Department. Though most strengthening is typically done below the main floor and in garages with living space above, there are a number of conditions when strengthening is advised on other floors.
  • Estimation of the amount of seismic force your home could reasonably be impacted by in a strong earthquake. This is individual to each home and advises how much your home needs to be strengthened.
  • Description of the type and extent of  upgrades recommended to resist this force so it will remain upright on its foundation and safe enough to live in.

Personal protection:

  • Chimney advice. Brick chimneys are dangerous.
  • Water heater recommendations.
  • Ways to reduce the risk of fire following the earthquake.
  • What furnishings most need bracing and what hardware and straps are available.
  • What is the safest place to be in each room
  • Other information as requested

You don’t want to be scared.

We’ll help you feel more reassured about your ability to take care of yourself and your family. If you have a question we can’t give you a sure answer to , we’ll get one from someone can.